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The Content building block is a direct integration between AppWorks and Content Server (but not an integration to workspaces. Therefore you have to use the Business workspace building block). Content can be added through AppWorks web UIs, but the files will be stored within Content Server.

To be able to attach various files to an employee the Content building block has to be added.

The difference between file and content is, that the File building block can only handle one single file. The Content building block can handle multiple files and categories.

To add the Content building block open your employee Entity, click the Add button and click on Content:

Content building block
Content building block

On the right hand side you can see the standard root path to Content Server. This path is generated dynamically and can be adopted.

Click the Add button.

To add some categories – e.g. for structuring the files – click the Configure Child Entity button:

Configure Child Entity
Configure Child Entity

Click on Content Template and on the predefined template.

Click the Add sibling context button and add following categories:

  • Contract
  • Certificates
  • General
  • Training
Employee Content Template
Employee Content Template

Save the template and close the child Entity.

The properties of the Content building block e.g. like the file name etc. can be added to the existing forms. But you cannot upload/download/commit/reserve etc. documents. Therefore you need to add the existing parts to layouts.

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