AppWorks/OTDS – add, create a new user

In this How-To article, you’ll learn how to add a new AppWorks user using OTDS (Opentext Directory Service). You need to know the OTDS admin user name and password and the credentials of an AppWorks user with user management privileges.

OTDS Partitions

Open the corresponding partition, click the “Add”-Button and select “New User”:

New User

Provide at least following information in the “General” tab:

  • User Name,
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Display Name and
  • Description.
General tab

Click on the “Next” button. In the “Account” tab, provide e.g. following data:

  • Select “Do not require password change on reset”
  • Activate “User cannot change password”
  • Activate “Password never expires”
  • Provide a password
Account tab

Click the “Save” button.

Open the AppWorks developer login page and log in as the user you just created. You can see the screen with one single app: your inbox. You can only see this application (inbox) because you only have permission to see this single app.


To add certain roles, simply open the user manager (using an admin user or at least an user with permission for user management) and add the needed roles to the created user:

Added roles

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