Add Training Workflow Forms

As already mentioned in the previous form sections you need to create two forms:

  • Create and
  • Default.


Display Name Create
Name Create
Description Create


Display Name Default
Name Default
Description Default

Configure the Create Form

Employee Properties

Open the Create form and drag and drop the [0..1] Training Workflow 2 Employee onto your form:

Training Workflow 2 Employee Relation Form
Training Workflow 2 Employee Relation Form

On the form, you can see following button:

Relation Select Button
Relation Select Button

In the properties, select The All Employees Browse list:

All Employees Browse List
All Employees Browse List

In the current case, it is only possible to add a relation to an existing employee. If you mark the action button Clear in the property section, you can delete the relation again and with checking the Create action, it is possible to create a new Employee directly in the modal dialogue during the creation of a new training workflow.

Since you should also see the employee details on your form add following properties of the related employee Entity:

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Department
  • Cost Center

Open the property section of each Property and change the Display to Read-only.

Change the Type of the Department and Cost Center to Drop List.

Training Catalog Properties

Do the same steps for the Training Catalog Relation and add following Properties:

  • Training Name
  • Training Organizer
  • Training Description
  • Training Start
  • Training End
  • Price.

Also add the Download Button for the File Building Block.

Change all Display types to Read-only.

Set the type of the Property Training Description to Multi-line.

Training Workflow Properties

Add also following Properties of the Training Workflow Entity:

  • Application Date
  • Overnight stay
  • Accommodation costs.

Change the type of the property Overnight stay to Check box.

Rearrange your properties so that it looks similar to this:

Training Workflow Create Form
Training Workflow Create Form

Configure the Default Form

Open the Default Form, drag and drop your Create Form from the Components section onto your Form.

In the property section click the Button Break link:

Training Workflow Default Form Break Link
Training Workflow Default Form Break Link

Drag and drop all Properties out of the container, delete the container and rearrange the properties.

Add the Training approved Property at the end of your form, change the type to Check box and set Display to Read-only:

Training Workflow Default Form
Training Workflow Default Form

Save your form.

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