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Being able to see the Entity data, you need to create at least one list. A list has different columns and contains the data sets of the Entity.

Add the list building block

To add a list to your Employee Entity click the Add button and provide the data as shown in the screenshot:

List - All Employees
List – All Employees
Diplay Name All Employees
Name AllEmployees
Display Count In lists and results

Click the Add button.

To configure the list (e.g. select which columns should be displayed, define the filter,…) click the Configure button.

Configure List
Configure List

Add properties as columns

On the left hand side in the Properties tab you see the available properties, divided in platform standard properties – Identity – and the properties you created.

Mark following Properties in this order:

  • Id (this is the platform internal key of the record)
  • Lastname
  • Firstname
  • Department

The selected properties will be added to the right hand side of the form:

Add properties to the list
Add properties to the list

If necessary you can also change the order of the properties or remove them again.

Additionally, you can also provide a label that differs from the standard property name, set the alignment, specify the sorting of the list, select if the property should also be available as filter and if the column should be hided in the result set.

Save the list and close the overview.

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